Hiring Edmonton Movers: What to Know

Movers Edmonton, a professional mover in Edmonton gives the following 11 things to consider before hiring movers:

1. Beware of low moving estimates

If you are looking forward to moving, you should not settle to very low moving costs because they may turn out to be costly in the end. Most professional companies which are reputable have a standard cost, and they cannot charge you extremely low prices to lure you. Most disreputable companies tend to give you a low estimate so that you hire them. Ideally, because they are not professional, they raise their cost after assembling or packing your items because you’ve already hired them. To avoid this from happening, hire a professional company which has a standard estimate. As a precautionary measure, they should come into your house to have a written estimate to avoid future problems. Additionally, you should both agree to the services to be offered to be able to plan, organize and to successfully move without a lot of challenges.movers

2. Make wise decisions

When hiring your moving company, don’t make haste choices because you may end up losing or damaging your items. You should make smart decisions which will not affect you in future. The company should be licensed and the workers insured to avoid incurring other costs in case of injuries or accidents during moving.

3. Schedule your moving process

You can organize your moving to a time when most people are not moving. This will be less stressful because you will easily get a reputable moving company and pay less for good services. When you move between May and August, you may have to wait for a long time before getting the right company because most people move during that time. However, Christmas may be the ideal time to move as most people are looking forward to the holiday and not moving. Therefore, schedule your moving process wisely.

4. Consider the specialty of the movers

There are different types of movers around Edmonton to choose from. Therefore, you should take your time before hiring a moving company to assess their specialty. Depending on the type of items you are moving, you should choose the movers wisely because skills and experience are of importance to avoid loss or damage of items when moving.

5. Don’t hesitate to do away with unprofessional movers

If you are not comfortable with the movers you’ve hired, you can always change your mind to have peace of mind. Movers should act professionally and ethically at all times, if you are not okay with the movers who are about to move your items, you should not take chances! Call the manager and have the contract canceled rather than risking losing or getting your items damaged.

6. Protect your stuff

You should not just keep quiet and wait to see the end results when your items are handled carelessly. You have a right to protect your stuff by raising a concern of how they are handling your items. Alternatively, you can call the manager of the moving company to explain your situation. You can go ahead and claim that you will inquire insurance cover for damaged items in case there are any. This will protect your items because you will be covered or a supervisor will be sent to supervise the moving process as no reputable mover want problems.

As a way of protecting your stuff, you can label the contents on the boxes to make sure that special care is offered to delicate items. Also, you can label sides to know the top side and the bottom side to prevent damages.

7. Be a good time manager

You can help the movers in packing, loading or unload the truck to save time. Sometimes, it’s better not to just wait for the hired movers do all the work while you watch. If you treat them well, you will obviously get good services in return. Helping them during the moving process is one of the ways to help the movers. Avoid complaining even if they tend to relax or have time for lunch or tea because they are also human beings and they also get tired.

8. Watch out your behavior

You can motivate the movers during the moving process by how you treat them. Avoid using abusive or rude language because they may feel disrespected and out of place. This might make them work hurriedly to do away with your moving as they see you being inhospitable. You can opt to buy them lunch and drinks because they may have limited time or money even to have lunch. This kind gesture might turn out to be a motivation, and you end up getting quality services. Therefore, be very careful of your behavior and the way you talk to your movers.


9. Look out for additional costs

You may fall victim of being additional costs if you are not keen. After you have a written estimate with your moving company, you should look out for other inflated costs e.g. paying for boxes, tapes; disassembling furniture, etc. a reputable company should not have any additional costs besides the agreed estimate. If you come across any inflated costs, you should not pay extra cash whatsoever! You can even contact their customer care in case things get out of hand.

10. Be aware of cash only dealings

You should avoid cash only dealings because you may end up losing money. You can easily cancel credit card payment or written payment, but it’s impossible to get your money back if you were in cash only deals because there is no evidence you even paid for the service. Be very keen of such scams.

11. Give your review after the moving process

If you got low quality moving services, you could protect yourself and others by giving your reviews online. Negative reviews (complaints) lower the rating of the company and consequently have an adverse impact on the moving company. Don’t forget to give your feedback because it may help other homeowners in future.