The Hottest Halloween Costumes in Edmonton

What are the hottest Halloween costumes in Edmonton, AB this year? Find out here …

Sunday, March 11, 2017

Not surprisingly, many of this year’s hottest Halloween costumes come from the movies. You can find some great Lord of the Rings costumes here. (Then click on ‘Halloween Costumes’ on the right nav bar.) Middle-earth awaits you!

Or take a look at these Harry Potter, Batman, and Wizard of Oz costumes. Be sure to click on ‘Click Here for all Halloween costumes’ to spark your imagination.

And for adults and teens, you have to see these Matrix costumes. Just click on ‘Costumes’ on the left nav bar.

For more unusual costumes — at all price ranges — check out The Lighter Side. Simply click on ‘Costumes’ on the left nav bar when you get to the site.

And to add some cool lighting to your Halloween, have a look at these wonderful additions to your own personal haunted gallery.

Finally, check out these ‘Spooktacular’ treats for your favorite goblins to gobble! The Popcorn Factory has fun — and unusual — Halloween treats, including this Dancing Skeleton Can at 50% off!

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Happy Halloween!

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